Financial Advice and Investment Management
Financially Healthy is a Registered Investment Advisor firm working to improve clients' financial health.  The firm was founded by Alicia Ivancovich, a fee-only Certified Financial Planner.

The firm's clients are primarily families and individuals who have received a lump sum of money, such as from an inheritance, sale, or retirement plan.  The firm covers all areas of personal finances, including:
*Cash flow analysis
*Retirement planning
*Education funding
*Debt management
*Estate planning
*Insurance adequacy
*Tax management
*Charitable giving
*Workplace benefits
*Asset management.

The firm's client process includes:
*Identify and evaluate clients' financial strengths, weaknesses, goals, and priorities.
*Create and implement with clients a To Do list of recommended actions to improve clients' financial health.
*Meet regularly with clients to help them make good financial decisions and stay on track for their financial goals.
*Set up, monitor and adjust clients' investments.
Contact Information
Email :
Phone :
(510) 496-4567
Address :
1999 Harrison Street, Suite 1800
Fax: (877) 625-2214
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